Summary Of Events

Just a quick rundown of everything that’s happened since moving in on Tuesday.

I moved into my dorm early because I signed up to do participate in something called [INSERT SCHOOL MASCOT HERE] Camp that was supposed to be a life changing experience and be really useful for incoming freshmen that wanted to make friends. I was dreading it.

Wednesday: Woke up early and carried my very heavy luggage a very long distance and was not very happy about it. Had a delicious Chicken Bacon sandwich for breakfast. Turned in signed waivers that pretty much said that if I died, the school could not be held responsible. Needless to say, I was weary. Once I met up with my  two friends that I forced to sign up with me, we participated in a weird kind of Simon Says and had a complementary SubWay lunch. Once it was finally time to load the buses, I was elated to find that my bus was the very last one and that I had to lug my increasingly heavy luggage across very hilly terrain. Slept most of the way to the camp. Arrived and hauled my luggage into my assigned bunk and was met by a frenzy of girls trying to find rooms and claim beds. As it turns out, my friend and I managed to find a pretty empty room with some lovely girls. After settling in, we were ushered into a sort of gym area where we played more ice-breaker games. Soon enough we found out which families we were separated into. Over the course of the next 48 hours, I became close to these 19 people more quickly than I ever thought was possible. I don’t really want to post online everything I experienced and discovered about myself because that stuff is kinda mine. But I learned things that will  change me and influence my college experience. 

Friday: My mom picked my up after I got back from the camp so celebrate my dad’s birthday, but really I just wanted to take a shower in my own bathroom and sleep in my own bed. It was magical.

Saturday(today): Woke up exactly when I wanted and went out and picked up some random odds and ends I still needed in my dorm and packed up some clothes for the week. Met my other roommate and had a nice chat with her and my friend. Right now I’m reading all the messages coming in from a group chat my camp family made and I’m honestly so grateful that I had the chance to meet them and get close to them.

P.S. One of the boys in my family is a beautiful treasure and I can’t help but love him from afar, despite that pain it brings. His smile is the sun and it melts my heart like a chocolate bar on a summer day.

Move-In Day

Today I move in to my dorm. Scary.

It’s pretty silly because my college is probably less than 15 minutes away from my house, but this is a big, terrifying step for me. 

Lately, I’ve felt like the air around me is much heavier than usual and I think it may have something to do with the anxiety that comes with starting college. I just feel like I’m being squished with all these new responsibilities.

Nevertheless, I’m going to make an attempt to make this experience worth my while. That’s where this blog comes in. I’m hoping that having a place to archive my experiences will serve as an incentive to actually get out there and do something… carpe diem.

So I guess here’s to seizing the day.